Monday, March 7, 2011


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Monday, June 14, 2010

Trip to Sungai Lembing

in view of the wesak long weekend, 7 of us decided to visit this small town Lembing in Pahang. The journey took around 5.5hrs from JB to Lembing, it is pretty... far~
Lembing is indeed a very small town - 1 restaurant (the food is very so-so), 1 kopitiam (serves very nice tea and kuih), a few stalls open through out the weekend only. More food in the morning (but we were out to the waterfall and bukit panorama), better make sure you bring along some cup noodles and biscuits with you!

beautiful Bukit Panorama (291 m). It took us less than an hour to reach the peak. we started climbing at 5:15am and able to catch the sunrise! look at the sea of clouds! very nice yea :) But when we came down, we could feel the pain on our knees... and it is only 291 m! Mt KK is 4,095 m... which is 14 times of Bukit Panorama! Ouch! Can't imagine the pain... lol. Let me think twice whether to climb Mt KK... @__@
We also went to Rainbow Waterfall. The journey was pretty tough as we were sitting at the back of a Storm for more than an hour on the super bumpy road before we reached the jungle. It took us an hour walk and climb (rocky & muddy path, slippery rocks etc~) in the jungle to reach the waterfall, not much water from the waterfall though... lol. Yea and we can see the rainbow... Too bad the place was packed with tourists, kinda noisy... our tour guide Ah Pek (his name) gave each of us a black rubber band - and it is a toxic rubber band :( it burnt our skins! and now left a dark brown scar on my wrist *sob*... becareful if you are given a black rubber band!

We had lotsa fun playing games, taking photos (more than 1000 of it, ah!); eating the famous siow bak 烧肉 (click the link to read Ah Xian's blog about lembing food), the lembing noodles (the food in lembing are generally salty! maybe becoz Ah Xian阿贤(咸)来过), the famous tofu 山水豆腐 - this is indeed my favourite, simple food with great taste! the sweetness is from within, super nice! We also travel 45 mins to Kuantan town and had the famous Satay Zul (main road of Jalan Alor Akar - enroute to Teluk Cempedak; oh man, it can be found on wikipedia!), very nice lor!!!

All in all, we had fun although did not expect a relax holiday turned into an army training trip... too much walking and climbing and lack of sleep! haha anyway it is a great company of friends, laughter and fun :)

We stay at Khoo Relax - which is 10 mins drive from town, a bit far (due to late booking) but we have car so it's not a problem, the owner - Mr & Mrs Khoo are very friendly and they will help you to arrange your itinerary and bring you to buy the siowbak etc. The rate for the whole house is RM700 for 2 nights stay, 2 big air-con rooms which can accommodate 15 ppl. Good deal :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i'm lost

i know there are things i need to do; i have to do; i wish to do; i want to do; i ought to do; i must do.
yet i feel so strengthless and... somehow refuse to do.
i'm feeling lost... @__@

Sunday, April 18, 2010

my lack

received an sms on Sat 7am.
i felt sad because she is always strong in my eyes and i have forgotten that she has her weaknesses too.
i was very disturbed because i have neglected her feelings.
how could i never notice that?
i pray that god will heal her emotions and help her to move on...

sorry that i have neglected you.
be strong, be courageous.
move on and see the great things God has in store for you.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 things i want to 'achieve' this nov

ann and i booked the air ticket to melbourne via Jetstar this coming Nov.
Kiasu? yes i know. but it is cheap... SG - MEL S$473 return (no food).
i dunno why a set of meal cost S$35, both ways meaning S$70... so we decided to fast on the plane. lol.
timing was kinda weird coz we have to transit in Darwin at 4:30am!
anyway since the ticket is cheappp, i am still... YOUNG. weird timing is not an issue! :D
we are waiting for the domestic tickets to be on sale so we can hop on cheap flights to tasmania!!!
I truly miss the fresh air in tassie. the sky. the tap water. ha.

1. I want to breathe the fresh air and drink the tap water as much as i can.

2. I must eat the large size of spaghetti marinara (spicy level 5) from Little Italy; the fisherman basket & ice cream @ mures; Spiders drink @ Mummy's; Mc D ice cream cone; wood fire pizza @ waterworks. lol.

3. to capture beautiful pics of creatures in tassie. the flower and tasmanian devil pics were taken in 2005 when i was there. i want to visit the north coast and east coast of tassie, beautiful sceneries ;)

4. re-visit my university. this is the law faculty. i want to go to the library again :)

5. to visit alison and her husband & 2 kids. plan to stay at her farm and try milking the cows! also, to visit pastor jacob and family... as well as phil & erica, uncle frank, lao chen (my ex boss in chinese restaurant), church aunties, and many more! i miss them~
arh.... i am so looking forward to the trip!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


( 演唱:赞美之泉 专辑:全新的你 )




Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mount KK - where I want to go!

after looking at these pics andrew posted on his FB... really made me so wanting to go to Sabah - Kota Kinabalu!
have a look at the waterfall, the pulau and the mountain peak.... arhhhhh!
good photographer truly changes my view on climbing a mountain. i used to think it is a silly activity. lol.
the gang may be going back to KK next year or 2011... which i ve told them i want to go! i must start training myself by walking up to the HDB where i stay (10th floor) everyday, some jogging and swimming in order to build up my stamina!
yes... i am very serious bout it.
before i continue to age, i better go. yea? lol.

Pulau Sapi - beautiful island!

photos credit : andrew chin (thanks!)

Monday, January 25, 2010

seasons of love

just found out the video was uploaded to youtube.
sharing with u the journey of overseas christian fellowship, australia.
through ocf, i accepted christ;
through ocf, my life was transformed.